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ASET eLIMS is Elysium’s award-winning pathology Laboratory Information Management System. For over 20 years ASET eLIMS has been helping human and veterinary pathology laboratories deliver high-quality workflow management to our international client base.
ASET eLIMS is a robust, yet flexible, LIMS which can be used is any pathology laboratory setting. The system has been developed by former laboratory personnel who understand the end-user requirements. For this reason the interface means that users will quickly be productive. All outputs such as report forms reflect the customer’s specifications. Versions running on PC, or Mac, operating systems are available and fully integrable.
ASET eLIMS takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to ensure that the demands for technical support is kept to a minimum.
ASET eLIMS is a fully customisable information system that manages specimen data from the arrival in the laboratory to the final reporting. ASET eLIMS can be act as an interface between a healthcare system’s patient records system.

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ASET is available as either a single-user version or a client/server based multi-user version that can run on either Windows™ or Macintosh™ based personal computers. The single-user and multi-user versions are identical in use and both provide facilities to cope with all the major Pathology disciplines – Biochemistry, Haematology, Transfusion, Microbiology, Histology and Cytology. The system supports interfaces to a wide range of analytical instruments and we are able to develop new interfaces to any instrument that supports host computer interfacing. Analyser interfaces may be run on any workstation, including the stand-alone version, and each workstation can support multiple machine interfaces such that a single-user version is fully capable of running a small laboratory thus making ASET one of the most cost effective Pathology systems available on the market.